TOPOCAST is a design and consultation office focused on the implementation of innovative methods in casting through the application of digital fabrication technologies.  The office offers design firms, artists, and individual clients solutions for unique needs in the application of complex casting geometries.  Based in Dallas, Texas and working with the digital fabrication and pre-cast concrete network within the region, TOPOCAST is uniquely positioned to provide design and production services for a wide range of scales and product types.
Started initially in 2008 as TOPOCAST_LAB, Assistant Professor Brad Bell has worked with the Digital Fabrication Lab at the University of Texas Arlington to pioneer curriculum and projects that have brought together the academic and local community around the area of digitally fabrication and casting.  Through the installation, exhibition and academic writings of this work, TOPOCAST_LAB has brought the focus of digitally fabricated formwork and the intersection of new and old fabrication methodologies into sharper focus. The work produced through the lab can be seen in the “teaching” section of the site and shows the collaborative and instructional nature within the academic setting.
Brad Bell is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Texas Arlington where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the integration of digital fabrication technologies into the architectural design process. He has lectured, taught, and written on the uses of such technologies for the past 12 years and has been an invited critic at schools of architecture throughout the United States. Brad received his Master of Architecture Degree from Columbia University in 1998 and his Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree from Texas A&M in 1993. In 2009 Brad became one of the founders and co-directors of TEX-FAB.  TEX-FAB is a collaborative network of affiliated Texas designers focused on providing a platform for the exchange and exploration of issues related to parametric design and digital fabrication.