ILLUMINATIONS Exhibition: Derivations

ILLUMINATIONS Exhibition: Derivations
TOPOCAST was invited to participate in the ILLUMINATIONS exhibition with a piece entitled ‘derivation’.
“ILLUMINATIONS is an exhibition of selected artists and designers invited to create light sculptures, fixtures, and assemblages utilizing RE practices. As a counterpoint to mass production, these experiments question the generic and the ubiquitous produced and reproduced in our homogenized landscape. With each piece unique from the reclaimed, recycled, or re-purposed material and media at hand, as well as how that material is manipulated, assembled, or fabricated – the works move toward ideas of mass craft and customization. Particular pieces also call into question planned obsolesce, as well as style, taste, and “trends”, through their inventive juxtapositions of period components, functions, materials, and finishes. It is through the RE practices, and making the familiar slightly unfamiliar that differentiated hybrids are produced.” Recent write-ups for the exhibition can be found at  CultureMap and D Magazine.


Curated by owner and director, Wanda Dye
Opening reception Friday 11.02.12 | 7-11pm
Cedars Open Studios reception Saturday 11.17.12 |12-6pm


1717 Gould Street | Dallas TX | 75215 | 972.974.3004


With the digitally developed surface first milled then cast out of urethane a re-usable mold was created that could manipulated as a sheet within the box-frame via tensioning cables. The surface was then cast with both thin set concrete and  eco-resin.