Mirabeau B.

The Mirabeau B Project is a collaboration between the artist Randy Twaddle and TOPOCAST.  Brought in as a consultant to help generate a series of wall tiles for a lobby in a new 14-unit residence in Houston, TOPOCAST collaborated with Randy Twaddle to design, produce, and install an original artwork for the building, based on a pattern generated from a Twaddle photograph of a pole-mounted transformer. Starting with the two-dimensional pattern provided by Twaddle, TOPOCAST initially transformed the piece into a 3D surface. This process was initiated digitally where the volumetric interpretation could be evaluated and parametrically controlled. Once an aesthetically agreeable outcome was achieved, the digital surface could be further optimized for prototype production and repetitive casting considerations.  Entering into physical production, a full-scale prototype was produced through the digital fabrication process of 3D printing. The silicone mold necessary for repetitive casting was produced from the 3D print and was capable of ensuring complete accuracy transfer from the digital file to the cast tiles. The final installation required a 25’ length by 7’ wall to be covered with the tiles and fixed permanently to the substructure. Each tile was cast out of hydro-stone at a size of 20” x 20” and weighing approximately 40 lbs. Final installation for the piece is now at the Mirabeau B residences in Houston, TX. Located in Hyde Park, this area is a neighborhood experiencing a robust transformation of design and culture, infused with a range of eclectic qualities that make Houston a vibrant metropolitan city.  The wall installation serves as a backdrop visible from the street via the entrance through the glass front doors.  The wall also serves as a unique backdrop within the parking area found on the first floor where parking and access to units are combined to make for an integrated and truly unique experience.

The artist Randy Twaddle has been exhibiting drawings and paintings in the U.S. for over twenty-five years. He has been included in exhibitions at museums and galleries across the country, and is in numerous public, corporate, and private collections. Twaddle has received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, as well as an Award in the visual Arts. He began designing rugs in 2008 and now also designs textiles, carpeting and wall covering. Mirabeau B represents a foray into the 3D tile work for the first time.   – TOPOCAST is hoping it’s not the last!

Project Team: Randy Twaddle + TOPOCAST_ Brad Bell, Jacob Narvaez, Amy Jarvis, Craig Gillam, Austin Ede, & Jonathan Thomas.

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