Telluric Iterations

Telluric Iterations function as a system of coordinated pre-cast concrete elements holding the artificial plane of the contemporary garden suspended between the sky above and the earth below. Striated into a series of bands, thin shell pre-cast planter beams that can be utilized in a range of ways to provide a spectrum of sensory encounters. Working with a discrete set of three repetitive cast parts that can be flipped up or down and used on either side, there is a wide range of possibilities for configuration and re-assembly within the garden landscape. The structural integrity of the beam design of the pre-cast planter makes the necessary groundwork for the site minimal and thus, highly efficient in site preparation. The garden becomes an artificial terrain where visitors are able to engage these stereotomic outcroppings that hold, frame, and isolate elements of the larger surrounding Gaspésie region. Animating the garden as a set of interchangeable planters, benches, walls, or water wells, Telluric Iterations provides a environment for contemplation and sesnsorial engagement. This project was originally submitted as part of  the International Garden Festival Competition. TOPOCAST was named a finalist in the competition out of 290 submitted entries in 31 countries by more than 725 designers.

Project Team: Brad Bell, David Hopman, and Jacob Narvaez