Aggregate Nuclei

Johnny Espino, Cord Read, Matthew Seager

Fall Semester 2012

This is an exploration of the role digital fabrication can play in the design process. CAD/CAM technologies are utilized to compose and create a digitally fabricated cast paneling system.

The design is first conceptualized by using the digital tools Rhino v.5 and a plugin, Grasshopper. The definition derived in Grasshopper is used to create a parametric system of perforated panels. This system allows the apertures on each panel to be drastically altered and controlled by simply changing the parameters in the definition.

The digital 3d model derived in Grasshopper is is used to  CNC mill six scaled casting molds out of 1.5″ rigid foam insulation. Hydrocal is mixed and poured into the molds to fabricated a set of panels.