PhilodendronSylvia Baumgartner and Ian Gillis

Fall Semester 2010

Philodendron is an attempt at using natural elements to inspire the design of a functional shading wall system. Through the mimicking of punctured philodendron leaves this modular wall system allows for light to enter a space via a grouping of multidirectional beams of light that are refracted through the openings in this shading system. This form is achieved by the altering of two grids, one mimicking the natural, seemingly random spacing and sizing of the openings, the other helping to spread the light by creating a curved surface which relates to the form of a hanging leaf.  The design is achievable through a 3-D modeling program where a 2-D curve is revolved to create a 3-D funnel form and in turn a module that can be applied to the altered grid. The resulting form is a panel of seemingly randomly spaced and sized openings which can then be applied to functional shading wall system.