Lawrence Agu III,  Grace Chang

Fall Semester 2012

The initial goal of Trifecta is to explore the opportunities of repetitive casting in developing a light box that embraces light, reflectivity, and transparency which weaves one between reality and illusion. Depending on one’s station point and point in time, the light box provides a continuously evolving viewing experience.

The design intention is to derive a shape with a versatile joint connection that can intelligently puzzle together to form the larger installation.  Relying on the basics of geometry, the individual piece is designed with three triangular joints so that three of the same pieces form a complete connection. The pieces weave in and out of each other in three layers and are carefully arranged to create an overall gradient reading. Sixty pieces are cast out of resin and mounted onto clear acrylic.  The box is lined with changing LED lights and backed with mirrored material. The final desired effect is a composition greater than the sum of its parts.