Wednesday, February 19th to Sunday February 23rd 2014
University of Texas School of Architecture
Austin, TX

TEX-FAB extends its reach to Austin, this year adding the University of Texas School of
Architecture as a member organization. In doing so, the UT SOA is supporting the
largest and most complete event to date with Michel Rojkind as our Keynote lecture
with 6 speakers and 4 moderators. Moderators will delve into techniques to highlight
the differences between working methods, while within the workshops, session
leaders will further develop those topics as functional methods for the production of
design solutions. As an intensely focused symposium which expands the workshop
offerings from Grasshopper, Revit to Processing and newer productive methods, the
scope and range is truly substantial. In addition the UT SOA will concurrently exhibit
the SKIN competition fabricated winner and entries. SKIN is generously supported by
the A. Zahner Co. in the fabrication of 3xLP by Christopher Romano and Nick Bruscia.

For registration and information got to www.tex-fab.net. The list of speakers and
workshop directors include:

Michel Rojkind, Rojkind Architectos
Alvin Huang, Synthesis d n a
Ammar Elqueini, AED
Andrew Kudless, Matsys
Christian Pongratz, Pongratz Perbellini
Danelle Briscoe, UT SOA
Gabriel Esquivel, Theoremas
Jason Kelly Johnson, Future-Cities Lab
Jenny Wu, Oyler Wu Collaborative
Sean Ahlquist, Taubman School of Design
Nate Miller, CASE
Michael McCune, CASE
Ronnie Parsons, MODE Collective
Gil Akos, MODE Collective
Kevin Patrick McClellan, TEX-FAB
Andrew Vrana, Metalab

TEX-FAB is a new resource for designers, academics, fabricators, and students
seeking out the innovative application of digital technology to the physical
environment. Within Texas there is an emerging network of companies, institutions,
and individuals focusing on the exploration of parametric design and the digital
production of building components. Specifically, there is a growing opportunity for
collaborative exchange between the academic, technical, and professional
communities by leveraging the immense resources found in some of the largest
metropolitan centers across the United States. TEX-FAB seeks to create a forum for
the exchanges of these ideas and techniques through workshops, lectures, and